Neutralizer (Acidic) for Automatic Washers/Decontaminators

CST-200 SCLF  (super concentrated, low foam)   

Neutralizer (Acidic) Concentrate
For Automatic Washer/Decontaminators   

CST-200 SCLF, when used in the rinse cycle of automatic washer/decontaminators, ensures complete neutralization of residual alkaline detergent (CST-101)(CST-110 SCLF) carryover from the cleaning cycle. 

Product Features

Provides Additional Instrument Protection – Acidic rinse promotes natural passivation process. 

Fights Corrosion – Anti-corrosive agents inhibit corrosion which helps extend instrument life. 

Hard Water Management – Chelating additives helps protect instruments against spotting & staining.  


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Complete Solutions Technologies is a group of medical professionals with many years of combined medical product development of specialty cleaners and protectants.

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