Advanced Multi-Enzymatic Detergent/Cleaner

CST-405C ScopeZyme ®
Scope-Zyme ®

Advanced Multi-Enzymatic Detergent/Cleaner
For Surgical Instruments and Endoscopes

For Manual, Ultrasonic Use  &  Automatic Washer/Decontaminator

Product Features

Neutral pH

Fast Enzymatic Cleaning Action (Starts Cleaning in Less Than One Minute) - Reduces cleaning time by rapid, efficient removal of stubborn organic encrustation. 

Cleans a Wide Range of Surfaces - Safe and effective for stainless steel, aluminum, tungsten carbide, copper and brass instruments and endoscopes. 

Fast Rinsing and Free of Metal-Attacking Agents - Rinses quickly and does not contain scale-forming phosphates, chlorides or hydroxides.

Bacteriostatic - Inhibits bacterial growth in ready-to-use concentrate. 


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